Introducing our most nostalgic creation yet:

The Clyde’s Cupcake Edible Dough Bar. That’s right, your favorite childhood treat to sneak from your Grandma’s kitchen. So much fun to eat you’ll want at least two scoops. Toppings include, original Chocolate Chip, Peanut butter Explosion, or Confetti Sprinkle… there’s no right or wrong way to eat it – just enjoy. It’s all good!

Clyde’s Cupcakes makes our Edible Dough from scratch with all natural, safe to eat ingredients using our  own delicious recipe. The result is a scrumptious flavor and texture experience. Just like you remember from your childhood. Stop by Clyde’s Cupcakes and take a taste trip down memory lane with our fresh-made Edible Cookie Dough.

Edible Dough Bar:
Delectable edible cookie dough. Makes you feel like a kid again!

Half Batch:
Two scoops of dough $5.00

Three scoops of dough $6.50

Candy Topping: Assorted Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips, Salted Caramel Chips, M&Ms, Mini Reese’s Cups, Assorted Cookies, Assorted Fruit Candy